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2023 in Review

Before I even began this year in review, I decided to take a moment to re-read the blog post I made at the beginning of this year about my goals and expectations. In it, I said that I would revel in every success no matter now big or how small. That decision has served me well this year.

If you compare this year to last year, overall numbers are down, but the types of opportunities have tended towards full-length rather than one-act or ten-minute plays. And more of the opportunities have been paid than in previous years.

Two Publications:

To Tough. January 2023 Issue. Literature Today: An International Literary Journal, 2023.

By the Neon Light of the Taco Bell Sign. The Best 10-Minute Plays 2023. Smith & Kraus, Inc., 2023.


One Reading: Emily C.A. Snyder hosted a table reading of Hero Dogberry at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon as part of the Contemporary Poetic/Verse Drama Reading Series she is organizing.

One World Premiere: Wonder of Our Stage at Silk Moth Stage, which was reviewed by Dr. Pete Kirwan and George Durfee.

One One-Act production: Lady M’s Christmas at the Blackfriars Conference. Also reviewed by Dr. Kirwan.

Two Ten-Minute productions: The 13th Crime at Madlab’s Theatre Roulette. Braden the Burglar at Sunshine State Theatre.

Two Monologues: Forgetfully Yours was performed as part of the Talk Horse Production Original Monologue Competition, a fundraiser where monologues are performed online and people can vote for their favorites, and Krampus My Style which I just wrote this month, was performed as part of the FalalaFollies at my local theatre.

With the production of Wonder of Our Stage, I qualified for and have now attained full membership in SFWA.

I was also able to travel to Virginia during the production of Wonder of Our Stage, which was very artistically fulfilling. I got to meet up with old friends and professors from grad school. I got to see shows (I attend a performance at the American Shakespeare Center using the Playwrights Welcome Program for Dramatists Guild Members). This trip was the absolute highlight of my year as a playwright.

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