One-Act Plays


The Cage Which Holds a Heart

Cast: 2 (1F, 1M) - Fantasy Drama

Also available in Radio Drama format. 
Quiet-type Gabriel gives coworker Sabrina a place to stay after she gets thrown out by her boyfriend. But Sabrina feels uneasy about staying with Gabriel, especially when she discovers that beneath the surface Gabriel has secrets. But as the past comes to light, Sabrina discovers things are more complicated than they seem.

SUNY Potsdam Plays Across The Walls, 2020

Cyrano on the Moon

Cast: 5 (3F, 2M) - Fantasy Drama

Cyrano de Bergerac wakes up in a lunar afterlife ready for more adventure. Meanwhile, Roxanne, still living with the convent walls, struggles to reconcile her love with Cyrano's legacy. Roxanne sets herself to the task of writing the postmortem adventures of “Cyrano on the Moon” with the help of two Nuns. On the Moon, Cyrano battles the embodiments of vice, compromise, and all of Cyrano's old enemies with the help of his old friend and rival Christian. As scenes shift back and forth between the surface of the Moon and the convent’s small chamber, the two worlds begin to collide, and the three women take turns entering the world of Cyrano's adventures and question him about life and love.

Tampa International Fringe Festival, 2017

Minnesota Fringe Festival, 2018

Quarantine Players, 2020

Femme Fatale Theatre Festival, 2020

Whiskey Theatre Factory, 2021

Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death

Cast: 4-5 (1M, 3-4A) - Fantasy Drama

While secluded in an isolated abbey in the midst of a brutal and deadly plague, Prince Prospero throws a Masquerade Ball for a thousand of his closest friends. Two friends stand at one end of the great gathering watching and commenting on those that pass by. But when an unidentifiable guest shows up in a mask of particularly poor taste given the occasion and the circumstances, the entire party is thrown into an uproar. The friends are shaken, Prince Prospero rages, and the Red Death descends upon them all.

Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, 2021

The Rude Mechanicals, 2021

Cyrano on the Moon, Red Dice Collective, 2018

Photo by Crystal Benton


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