The Roaring Girl

Upcoming Shows

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Changeling in New Directions at New College Windmill Theatre Company

April 29-30, 2022 in the Black Box Theatre (inside Hamilton Center at New College of Florida.  

New Directions is a short play festival featuring first-time student directors at New College of Florida.


Monica Cross

Recent Projects

My short play "Growth in Isolation" was featured on Quarantine Players podcast: 

Kallie and Ryan have spent the last five months apart. Ever since Kallie moved across the country for a new job, Ryan has been struggling with the changes brought on by being alone. Ryan has sent Kallie a peach he has grown himself, and they finally have a chance to Video Chat, but things do not go as smoothly as either hope. This ten-minute play designed for video performance asks the question: how much of a change is too much for a relationship to withstand?

You can listen to the play and interview HERE!


I directed a new play Just Get Over It by Matthew Garlin for the Quarantine Players:

This is the story of a couple that has broken up who gets caught at a resort during a storm and now has no choice but to face the ghosts of the past relationship.  Both come clean in a hilarious, high-stakes autopsy of their failed relationship.

You can listen to the play on the Podcast or watch it on YouTube.

I recorded a virtual reading of my full-length play Wonder of Our Stage on YouTube.

Queen Elizabeth I commissions the notorious necromancer John Dee to play matchmaker in order to find her a very particular suitor. But when John Dee presents her with an Automaton, a man made completely out of wood, the Queen laughs in his face and leaves the newly made creation unable to fulfill his purpose. Unsure what to do, the Automaton stumbles into the theatre, almost literally. As he gains popularity upon the stage, tensions arise with his creator, and he sets out to forge his own destiny.

You can watch the reading HERE!


As part of David Hansen's Short Play Project, I performed the solo piece "Busking":

A short play about a living statue.


You can watch it on YouTube HERE