Wonder of our Stage

Wonder of Our Stage, Players Centre, 2019

Photo by Lizz Kleinknecht,

Goddess Imagery Photography




The Cage Which Holds a Heart

Cyrano on the Moon


13th Crime

The Beginning of Everything

By the Neon Light of the Taco Bell Sign

On Robots and Raindrops

The Salt-Filled Path

Tending to Tulips and Sipping Mint Julips

The Time is Out of Joint 


. . . In Refrigerators

A Hug for Matthew Weaver

King Now

A Play for Larry Rinkel


I've Got This

Love Life

A Shower of Meteorites

To Bring You Joy

To Touch


In Conversation with Caterpillars

A Little Literary Analysis

The Magpies Golden Ring

Respect the Nose

Sweet Zombie Jesus


Growth In Isolation

No Place Like @Home for the Holidays




The Aria of Julie d'Aubigny,

the cross-dressing, sword-fighting, opera singer,

wherein she seduces men and women alike,

wins numerous duels, must be twice pardoned by the King, and eventually finds true love.

Cast: 10-20   -   Historical Biographical Drama

Julie d’Aubigny was born with a talent for singing, but she was raised as a duelist. She is used to solving her problems with violence, which has gotten her some unwanted notoriety. While gaining acclaim in the Paris Opera, she is also getting attention for her complicated love life: a friend abroad who is an on-again-off-again lover, a doe-eyed man who shares her bed, and a woman she longingly pines for. With a long list of past conquests both in fighting and in romance, Julie, sometimes, has a difficulty keeping the two separate. As her love life spins out of control, she begins to feel as if she is fighting the whole world at once. But if she can find someone who understands her, maybe she can finally have the love she has been searching for.

Sleeping Beauty Isn't Going to Save You

Cast; 7 (6F, 1M)   -   Science Fiction, Fantasy Drama

While scavenging for old world technology that can be used to buy their way into the supposedly Utopian fortress, known only as the City, a group of women unearth a cryogenic chamber containing the sole living person from the pre-apocalyptic world. They believe her to be Sleeping Beauty, who has become a religious icon in their society, but when they accidentally bring her out of centuries of frozen slumber, she is not at all what they expect.

Wonder of Our Stage

Cast: 5 (1F, 4M)   -   Historical Science Fiction Drama 

Queen Elizabeth I commissions the notorious necromancer John Dee to play matchmaker in order to find her a very particular suitor. But when John Dee presents her with an Automaton, a man made completely out of wood, the Queen laughs in his face and leaves the newly made creation unable to fulfill his purpose. Unsure what to do, the Automaton stumbles into the theatre, almost literally. As he gains popularity upon the stage, tensions arise with his creator, and he sets out to forge his own destiny.



The Pantheon Wars, a collection of one minute plays about the take over of the Roman Pantheon and the destruction of the Greek Pantheon

This series includes:

Declaration, Late to the Party,

Love Life, The Death of Death, 

What's it good for?, Wisdom in War, and the three part story of Jupiter and Juno: Double Trouble, The Same to Me, and By Jupiter!  


New Earth: or, Flowers on the Moon

Search for the Swamp Cabbage Man

In Dreams Electrified

Joan Faustus, All But Dissertation

The Power Prism of Pandora Paragon


Cyrano on the Moon, Red Dice Collective, 2018

Photo by Crystal Benton